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12.3.2 Referrals to Emergency Duty Team


  1. Key Points
  2. Procedure for Referrals to Emergency Duty Team

1. Key Points

  1. The EDT is on duty Monday - Thursday between 5.00pm and 9.00am and all weekend commencing 4.30pm Friday until 8.30am Monday;
  2. The EDT may receive briefing referrals about emergency situations that may arise after hours in order to make the most effective response;
  3. The EDT is available to receive referrals requiring emergency action from any agency or individual after normal office hours only;
  4. Referrals should be appropriate to the social care directorate;
  5. The EDT is unable to take over cases/situations that are being actively worked with by local teams up to 5.00pm. The team will only respond to emergency situations which arise after hours and which cannot wait to the next working day.

2. Procedure for Referrals to Emergency Duty Team

  1. Check that the matter to be referred to the EDT is appropriate (ref “Duties of Emergency Duty Team”).

    Telephone the EDT on 01377 241 273;
  2. Giving the following information:
    • Name of caller, team details, telephone number(s);
    • Subject of referral - name(s), addresses etc;
    • Details of the referral - concise, relevant information;
    • Immediate action required/action required should certain circumstances arise.
  3. Email:

    Emails should include details as above with initials and PID number of service user (if they have one) in the subject line.

All referrals should be clearly marked “For the attention of the Emergency Duty Team”.