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4.6.1 Children's Commissioning Panel: Terms of Reference

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The Terms of Reference for the Children’s Commissioning Panel were rewritten in September 2016.


  1. Purpose
  2. Membership
  3. Frequency
  4. Facilitation
  5. Panel Recommendations
  6. Review of Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

  • To challenge and scrutinise external expenditure, along with expected outcomes, on social care funded foster care and residential placements;
  • To ensure the use of external foster care and residential placements is responsive to the assessed needs of the child/young person, and that placements are outcome focussed. This should include all identified health and education needs;
  • To take, or recommend, appropriate actions to ensure external agencies maintain and develop standards of care to ensure maximum benefits for all children and young people and/or prevent unnecessary breakdown of such placements;
  • To have an overview of and regularly review of all external social care funded foster care and residential placements placements.

2. Membership

The membership of the panel will be:

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Job Title Role
Children's Commissioning & Development Manager Chair
Service Manager – Children’s Social Care Vice Chair
Clinical Services Manager (CAMHS) Member
Virtual School Head Teacher Member
Senior Social Worker – Fostering Team Member
Service Manager – Corporate Parenting Member
Area Manager – Children Looked After Member
Designated Nurse – Children Looked After Member
Children’s Commissioning & Quality Monitoring Officer Facilitator

  • If a member is unable to attend the meeting they should endeavour to send a substitute;
  • A minimum of 3 members, one being from Children and Young People Support and Safeguarding Service area, must be present for the Panel to go ahead;
  • If the meeting is held without the Service Manager - Children’s Social Care then recommendations can only be made in principle and will require the endorsement of the service manager.

3. Frequency

  • The Panel will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month and will be scheduled for 90 minutes;
  • Additional meetings, if required, may be convened with the agreement of the members.

4. Facilitation

  • Children’s Commissioning and Quality Monitoring Team will be responsible for all aspects of facilitating Commissioning Panel meetings;
  • All relevant Panel papers will be circulated electronically 3 working days in advance by CCQMT and members will be responsible for ensuring they having sight of these at Panel meetings.

5. Panel Recommendations

  • If the cost of a recommendation made exceeds £30,000 (weekly fee x length of approval of placement) then the endorsement of the Head of Service, Children & Young People’s Support & Safeguarding Services is required.

6. Review of Terms of Reference

  • It is intended that this document will reviewed annually in March each year.