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6.11.4 Child Arrangements Order Allowances


  1. Background
  2. Policy Statement
  3. Child Arrangements Order Allowances
  4. Legal Fees
  5. Exceptional Circumstances

1. Background

ERYC makes a range of regular payments in respect of accommodation and maintenance costs to people undertaking the care of children who are, have been, or are likely to become looked after by the Council.

The Provision of Financial Support to Adopters and Special Guardians sets out the arrangements for payment of financial support to prospective adopters, adoptive parents and special guardians.

This policy sets out the basis on which Child Arrangements Order Allowances will be paid to foster carers where the Child Arrangements Order is part of the permanence plan for the child.

2. Policy Statement

The overall aim of this policy is:

  • To ensure that when providing financial support to a carer who has acquired Parental Responsibility for a child or young person who would otherwise become, or remain, looked after, the payments are made on an equitable basis, and not dependent on the nature of the order obtained.

3. Child Arrangements Order Allowances

The Department will provide a Child Arrangements Order Allowance in the following circumstances:

  • Where the carers made the application for a Child Arrangements Order in relation to a looked after child as part of a plan agreed at the child's statutory review, which has been approved following presentation to the Permanency Panel; or
  • Where a Child Arrangements Order was made in Care Proceedings and the local authority has supported the making of the order; or
  • The application for a Child Arrangements Order is the only realistic alternative to the child being looked after by the Council, and the application is supported by the Council; and
  • Financial support is essential to support the care arrangement and is not available from any other source, including the child's parents or from benefits.

The actual amount payable will be calculated on the same basis as financial support for special guardians - see Provision of Financial Support to Adopters and Special Guardians.

Payment of the allowance will be reviewed annually and following any significant change in the circumstances of the child or carer.

4. Legal Fees

The Department may also provide financial assistance to a carer to pay legal fees incurred in making a Child Arrangements Order application in respect of a child subject to a Care Order when the application is part of the Care Plan for the child.

5. Exceptional Circumstances

Where it is considered that exceptional circumstances have arisen, the individual circumstances of the case will be considered by the Director of Children, Families and Schools, who may under their delegated powers exercise discretion.